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Karin M. Murphy


Karin is an award-winning entrepreneur, real estate investor and founder of Campaign Strategies & Consulting. 

Image by Marvin Meyer

What we do:

Reach more targeted people with with 

• Proven tracking

• Website design with seo

• Optimized real-time programmatic display ads

• Video ads

• Email Campaigns

• Social Media

• Content Creation

• Measurement and Analytics for campaigns.

• Live reporting with conversion tracking & full attribution.

• Programmatic digital ads

• Video Campaigns

• Behavioral campaigning

• Real-time optimization

• Voter ID

• Polling

• Mailers

• Mailers/Lawn Signs/Banners - design, placement and visibility

• Campaign HQ Space/Real Estate

• Drag Out to Vote

All political campaigns are fully managed by our dedicated team of leaders. 

About: About
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